Eric Kravitz

Schoolwide math specialist, 8th grade math

Eighth grade webpage:

Eric Kravitz has been Gordon’s math specialist since August 2014. This full-time position leads math instruction throughout the school, guiding the development of classroom practice and continually refining Gordon’s techniques for assessing students’ individual needs.

Eric Kravitz works with teachers in kindergarten through eighth grade helping them differentiate the Math in Focus curriculum so that each and every student is challenged and engaged. He is also an adjunct mathematics professor at CCRI.

Eric has a Bachelor of Science degree from Brown University and a Master's degree in Teaching Mathematics from Providence College. He has coached the Gordon tennis team for many years and also directs a tennis program in the summer.

In his free time, Eric enjoys playing tennis, biking, hiking, growing his own fruits and vegetables, rooting for the New York Jets and spending time with his wife and three children.