Early Childhood

(Nursery to Kindergarten)

A play-based program harnessing joyful curiosity to instill a love of learning

The inspiring, age-appropriate curriculum facilitates social and emotional growth
and challenges students intellectually. Even the youngest learners venture beyond their classroom each week to learn from specialists in the fields of music, art, library, physical education, and Spanish.

In Gordon’s Early Childhood, the foremost goal is to instill a love of learning in each child. Students from Nursery through Kindergarten engage in an inspiring, age-appropriate curriculum that is carefully designed to promote social and emotional growth while challenging students intellectually.
Gordon’s play-based program stimulates creativity and imagination, encourages problem-solving skills and promotes curiosity that will last a lifetime. Reading, writing, math, science and technology are integrated throughout the day to strengthen students’ emerging skills. Early Childhood teachers integrate conversations about social and emotional basics into the daily life of the classroom, drawing on concepts and vocabulary from the Open Circle curriculum that is used through Gordon.
Each week, students venture beyond their classroom and learn from specialists in the fields of music, art, library, physical education, and Spanish language. With two recesses each day, students spend a significant amount of time outdoors enjoying large play areas on the twelve acre campus.
Teachers provide a well-structured schedule and a thoughtfully arranged classroom space that encourages students to share their own families’ backgrounds and knowledge while learning about those of their classmates. Children use a variety of materials throughout their day, promoting imaginative play and individuality. Classroom teachers and the Early Childhood Director work closely with parents to foster a positive home-school relationship.



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