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3: We will shine

Celebrate the Gordon Story

We will be bold in telling our story. We will foster within students, families, faculty, and staff a deep understanding of Gordon’s founding and rich history and how that history informs progressive teaching and learning at Gordon today. In Providence, New England, the nation, and beyond, Gordon will be defined by academic excellence, curricular innovation, and beloved community, underscoring our timeless belief that “mind and heart should be educated in equal care.”

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  • Own and celebrate our progressive roots and effectively communicate the ways in which Gordon’s approach to teaching and learning is at the vanguard of Nursery to eighth grade education.
  • Design and implement a comprehensive marketing and communication plan that effectively articulates to internal and external audiences what makes Gordon unique.
  • Establish the Gordon Institute for Transformational Learning as a center of pedagogical innovation, solidifying Gordon’s national reputation as the preeminent expert on progressive pedagogy and multicultural practice.
  • Develop bold and strategic approaches to enhancing alumni relations and celebrating their achievements to demonstrate the impact of a Gordon education.
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