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1: We will nurture

Grow and Sustain Our Resources

We will be thoughtful stewards of our most valuable resources: our people, our campus, our natural world. Our investments will reflect an ongoing commitment to equity and sustainability across of all of our programs, policies, and practices. Gordon will have a vital financial model that makes it possible for us to live into our mission for generations to come.

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  • Significantly grow our endowment and strengthen annual support to ensure Gordon’s long-term vitality and sustainability.
  • Form strategic partnerships, locally and abroad, with schools, universities, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations to develop revenue sources beyond tuition and programs that support innovative teaching and learning.
  • Create a Gordon Green Fund to finance sustainable building and maintenance projects that generate cost-savings and reduce environmental impact.
  • Ensure that faculty and staff can continue to learn, innovate, and take risks by increasing professional development funding to the NAIS-recommended level of at least 1% of Gordon’s operating budget.
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