Besenia Rodriguez

Tell us about your connection to Gordon?
I am a current parent to a 4th grader and a kindergartner. At Gordon, I have served on the Design Team for the 2018-19 Strategic Planning Process and am currently on the Education Committee and serving as co-chair of the Parents of Students of Color group.

What do you like best about Gordon?
What I like best about Gordon is that, through the multicultural curriculum as well as the inclusive community of care that permeates all interactions, my children and I can each bring our full selves to Gordon spaces. We love to be among Gordon folks!

Tell us something about yourself or your family.
Although at heart, I may always be a city person, one of our family's favorite places in R.I. is the Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown (plot twist: it is not an umbrella factory). We fell in love with this place while living in "South County." With emu, goats, and chickens and a stunning bamboo forest, it's been a wonderful rediscovery during the challenging months of social distancing.