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Amy Orth

Tell us about your connection to Gordon.
As a parent of two Gordon students, and one Gordon graduate, I'm starting my eleventh year at The Gordon School. I served as GCA Co-President for three years and currently, I head the Committee on Trusteeship and sit on the Executive Committee. This will be my fifth year on the Board of Trustees.

What do you like best about Gordon?
What I like best about Gordon is how the school empowers children. Attending Gordon has helped my children find and develop their individual strengths. They feel a genuine ownership towards their education, which I attribute to the talented, dedicated faculty and staff and the diverse, nurturing environment. To me this empowerment looks like my child who was shy in Young Kindergarten and is now a confident and persuasive public speaker; my child who said he couldn’t write and then wrote a novel in a month; and my child who felt unsure about math and who now feels like math is one of her strongest subjects.

Tell us something about yourself or your family.
The Orths by the numbers: three of us have penned cattle in under two minutes, four of us have driven snowmobiles on a glacier with visibility of 10 feet, and all five of us have hiked up to a 14,000 foot summit (and made it back down to tell the tale).