Amelie Tartaglione

Tell us about your connection to Gordon?
As a Rhode Island native, I have always known of Gordon. My husband graduated from Gordon in 2000 and up until our son became a student at Gordon, everything I knew was from what he shared with me. Now we are entering our third year as Gordon parents. Last year I volunteered as representative for my son's class. I am a member of the education committee and this year I am excited to be one of the GCA co-presidents.

What do you like best about Gordon?
I love Gordon's approach of meeting every child where they are. To ensure every child is seen, heard, and provided the tools needed to succeed in their own way. Gordon doesn't see education as a one size fits all mentality, rather as an opportunity to foster every child's unique and innate curiosity. Gordon teaches kids how to learn and not just what to learn. Additionally, from the very beginning and continually at every stage, Gordon goes beyond the classroom and engages students as individuals while simultaneously teaching them the importance of their role and responsibility in the community at large. This multifaceted approach to education is just one of the many things our family loves about Gordon.

Share a fun fact about yourself.
I love to paint and do so every chance I get!