Meet the Board of Trustees

The governing body of the school

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school. The Head of School reports directly to the trustees. This structure, with the trustees at the top of the school’s organizational chart, is typical of independent schools.

Gordon has twenty-six trustees. Some are alumni, but most are parents of Gordon students or of a graduate. They meet monthly during the school year.

The Board has three obligations:

Maintaining and supporting the school’s mission
Overseeing the financial health of the school
Selecting, evaluating, and supporting the Head of School

The trustees’ work is primarily long term planning, with decisions that are implemented over periods ranging from eighteen months to five, ten and even twenty years. The day-to-day work of running the school is left in the hands of the staff, teachers and administrators.
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George Matouk

George Matouk, Chair                                                                                          Read Bio

Christopher W. Kahler

Christopher W. Kahler, Vice Chair
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Marianne Monte

Amanda Riegel

Amanda Riegel, Vice Chair
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Jordan Frank

Noni Thomas López

Noni Thomas López, Assistant Treasurer
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Cendhi Arias

David Corsetti

Flossie Crisp

Stephen DelSesto

Shelly DiPaola

Damian Ewens '90

Tulani Freeman

Robin Glancy '97

Eugene Johnson '87

Betsy Stubblefield Loucks

Sylvia Mburu

Amy Orth

Martha Palan

Lisa Newman Paratore

Jennifer Sherer

Jillian Torgan

Jillian Torgan, GCA Representative
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Executive Committee
Chaired by George Matouk
Buildings & Grounds Committee 
Chaired by David Corsetti
Development Committee
Chaired by Shelly DiPaola
Diversity Committee
Chaired by Eugene Johnson '87
Education Committee
Co-Chaired by Christopher W. Kahler and Jen Sherer
Finance Committee
Chaired by Jordan Frank
Investment Committee
Chaired by Anthony Rust
Committee on Trusteeship
Chaired by Amy Orth
Marketing Committee
Co-Chaired by Lisa Newman Paratore and Martha Palan
Personnel Committee
Chaired by William Talley