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Meredith's letter to the community

Dearest Members of the Gordon Family,

I am truly honored and humbled to accept the appointment to be your new Head of School beginning in July of 2025. 

I have been awed by the warmth, commitment, and inclusiveness that characterized the entire search process, all of which I have come to know characterizes Gordon itself. I felt an immediate connection with everyone I met at Gordon, and all of my interactions left me feeling free to share my authentic self. From the members of the search committee to every person I had the good fortune to meet during my finalist visit—students, faculty and staff, parents and caregivers, trustees, and alumni—it is clear that Gordon is a true community, one bound by a love for a school that cherishes and lives its mission with intentionality. What a gift to all who are a part of this remarkable learning community! 

What a gift to the world!

As many of you heard me say during my visit, if I could design a school from scratch, it would look a lot like Gordon. Joy, curiosity, idealism, intellectual excellence, empathy, relationships, positive social impact, and wellness: all of these are naturally a part of the Gordon experience. Gordon’s mission and values align with what is core to me, both as a person and as an educator. I have long admired Gordon’s reputation as a leader in progressive, multicultural education rooted in principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. It is that reputation that attracted me to this opportunity, and it is my lived experience of that reputation during the search process that showed me that Gordon really is the one for me.

During my visit, I met superstar faculty and staff who care for and nurture children every day. I heard from dedicated families who trust the school to deliver on its mission. I talked with amazing students who spoke confidently and impressively about their strong relationships with their teachers and the fact that they, too, can be their authentic selves at Gordon. I pursued this opportunity not because I wanted to be a Head of School but because I wanted to be Gordon’s Head of School. Once you step into the Commons at Gordon, there’s no turning back.

An important message that I took away from this process was that the Gordon community wants its next leader to continue to take care of the school that they love and help it to flourish. I am looking forward to doing exactly that, all while continuing to empower and inspire the topnotch Gordon faculty and staff as we work together to show the world how important diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and belonging are to excellence of every kind. I unequivocally agree that the world needs schools like Gordon and people like its graduates. It is with great enthusiasm that I commit to help realize Gordon’s strategic vision to “create the just and sustainable world we want for the future.”

My partner, István, and I, along with our two rescue cats, Sunny and Rhubarb, are excited about moving to Rhode Island next summer. (Yes, we had a family meeting with the cats about the move, and they are on board!) The two-legged members of our family are looking forward to exploring the beaches, arts, history, and delicious food that Providence and beyond have to offer. The Ocean State has called us, and we are on our way!

The journey to this moment has been exciting and affirming, and from this moment forward, that excitement and affirmation is joined by unabashed joy and eagerness to become a full member of the Gordon family over the course of the next thirteen months. I am looking forward to the coming opportunities to get to know everyone, to hear more about your hopes and dreams for Gordon, and for you to get to know me and to see how “all-in” I am for Gordon.

I can’t wait!

With heartfelt gratitude and affection,


The Board of Trustees of the Gordon School has selected Dr. Meredith J. deChabert to be Gordon’s next Head of School.

The news was announced Monday, May 20th 2024 with a pair of letters, one from Board Chair Damian Ewens '90 and one from Meredith.

Read Damian’s letter to the community here

Meredith’s full biography is here