Ongoing programs

Gordon’s equity and inclusion programs support the mission of the school, by ensuring that every student and family feels entitled to full membership in the community. The school supports affinity groups, which recognizes shared experiences and promotes cross-cultural dialogue.
Affinity groups
Parents of Students of Color is a network of parents who meet regularly throughout the school year to support students of color.

Common Ground is a voluntary program that began in 2006 for students of color that begins in the first grade and ends in eighth grade. 

In 2010, Gordon's Faculty of Color program expanded to become a series of race-based affinity group meetings for all faculty and staff.
In 2015, the Antiracism Working Group for White Parents was formed, with regular meetings throughout the year and a series of cross-racial dialogues in partnership with the Parents of Students of Color.

Board leadership
Board members, parents, and administrators serve on the Board's Diversity Committee, which provides advice and counsel on issues of equity and the implementation of the goals of the Strategic Plan.

Professional development
A portion of Gordon’s professional development is devoted to the work of becoming an excellent multicultural educator. Faculty and staff meet regularly in affinity group structures to work on understanding how racial identity development influences teaching practice and effectiveness. They also investigate how many of their identities, such as gender, ability, religion, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, age and other characteristics influence how people teach and learn, and how students engage in the learning process.

Workshops and presentations 
Gordon encourages students and faculty to attend diversity conferences such as New England Conference on Multicultural Education, Teaching for the Future: A Conference for Middle School Faculty, International NAME, AISNE Diversity Conference, NAIS People of Color Conference, Annual White Privilege Conference, AISNE Middle School Students of Color Conference and the Diversity Directions Independent School Seminar. Gordon faculty presents at many conferences across the country.