LGBTQ initiatives


Gordon has a long standing commitment to the LGBTQ community, represented by:
Two social events per year specifically for LGBTQ families

Admission receptions for LGBTQ+ families

Recognition of the National Day of Silence in the Middle School, since 2006

A Gender and Sexuality Alliance in Middle School, meeting weekly since fall 2015

A comprehensive set of guidelines on how gender identity is affirmed and social transitions are supported among students and adults

A faculty member who serves as liaison to Gordon's LGBTQ+ community

Representation by Middle School students at the annual Boston conference of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, since 2015

Sponsorship for Youth Pride, Inc., Options Magazine and the Transgender Day of Remembrance

A Gordon graduate presented about LGBTQ literature at the fall 2017 GLSEN conference, in partnership with Gordon faculty

Faculty regularly consult with peer schools and professional organizations on topics in gender and sexuality

The Joukowsky Family Library includes a rich collection of LGBTQ-positive literature and resources, with titles appropriate for every age

a more detailed history of Gordon's efforts, as presented to Gordon's Board in spring 2015