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Images from an Inauguration quilt, made by second graders in response to Tuesday's Inaugural address.

Text from an eighth grade classroom conversation.


He has the political capital now to make a lot of good, hard decisions and still have support.


I think about the fact that more than half of our entire country wanted Barack Obama, a black man, and less than one half wanted John McCain, a white man.


It's an established fact that when young people vote for the same party in their first two elections they continue voting that way for the rest of their lives.

Two thirds of first time voters voted for Obama. If they vote for him a second time, then we are looking at a future full of Democrats


It means so much. Since they were bought over as slaves, blacks in America have been discriminated against, segregated, lynched. It shows how much progress there has been. As Obama said "in no other country could my story be possible"



It might not be resolved completely, but...

Teacher: What do you mean, "it"?

The image that someone who is in poverty is probably black. Having him be president should make a difference with that.


Until I was five, Bill Clinton was president, and the impression I got was just, nothing.

Then came George Bush, and I learned about him through the comedy that was done on him.


Whites have been in power for so long, and people are wondering if the power is going to shift to blacks now.

Teacher: Do you think that might happen?

(murmur of dismissal)

Teacher: Do you think some people are afraid that might happen?

(loud agreement)


I didn't have faith in George Bush and our government.

For this new generation coming up, they may have faith, and they can make a bigger difference because of that.


Somebody said that Obama was shaped by the absence of his father and Bush was shaped by the presence of his father.


I wonder if the difference between our generation and the one being born today is our absence of faith in government. This next generation will be living in the presence of a government they have faith in.



People don't like Bush after eight years. OK. Eight years.

I like Obama, but he hasn't done anything yet.



People are getting really excited.

I'm getting excited too, but we have to see what he does before we can judge.



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