The first real snow of the year

Forget last week's snow.


Last week's snow was slushy and weak.


Today, conditions were perfect.


The sun was out.


The air was cold.


The snow was fine and fluffy.


There were many spaces without any footprints.


The snow made everything a little quieter, and a little softer.


People became more daring.


Everything seemed a bit silly.


Simply walking became a game.


The playgrounds became a giant sandbox of fluffy white sand.


A sandbox iced over to become a dance floor.


Young Kindergarten played natural scientists, following raccoon, cat and bunny tracks into the neighborhood.


Kindergarten physicists confirmed that snow sped up the slides.


Gravity got a thorough workout all morning.


Many sledless-sledding techniques were attempted on the Nursery playground.


Some were more successful than others.


Lower School went sledless for their first recess of the day.


This technique is called "The Penguin" for some reason.


And even in second recess, the teachers carefully reviewed etiquette before bringing out the sleds.


The dos and don'ts came back to everyone quickly.


You could tell when someone hit a jump just by watching the crowd.


By the end of the day, everyone had given all they'd had.


Busy recess time had led to focused classroom work.


The sun had worn some patches in the cover, but more snow is coming Wednesday night.


They'll be ready for more by then.


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