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You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Photos and a director’s note as opening night approaches

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, this year’s Middle School musical, opens Thursday night. 

There are dozens of funny, charming, heartfelt performances in this production.

It was directed by Meg Sullivan but driven by a burst of imagination and hard work by student costumers, set builders and technical crew.

The show is already built for an ensemble, and the onstage chemistry was raised exponentially by overlapping casting that gave the audience four Charlie Browns, four Snoopys, four Sallys, four Lucys, four Linuses, four Schroeders and four Woodstocks.

A jillion more photos from the dress rehearsals are at

There will be two shows, Thursday and Friday, 6:30pm, open to all families, alumni and extended family members.

Ms. Sullivan’s director’s note is below:

Welcome and thank you for coming to tonight’s Middle School musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” 

As the production began, I had a great conversation with the cast about changing the title to “You’re a Good Kid, Charlie Brown," to reflect our gender-inclusive casting and Gordon's commitment to inclusivity in general. After a thoughtful discussion, the resounding consensus was that the title was iconic, connected to the story of Peanuts and the beloved Charlie Brown franchise. 

So we kept the Man in the title. 

Still, Charlie Brown is a good kid. 

They try their best. They do their best each day - to be a good friend, a good person. "What does that even mean?" Charlie asks in the beginning of the show. And then they ask, “When do the good things start?” 

I think that’s a question we can all relate to, kids and grown-ups alike. This show has a lot of heart, and it shares the imperfections of being alive, being a friend, being good. We all are trying our best, and it’s in the trying, the practice, that we find our answer. 

I want to thank the Gordon community for welcoming me here. It’s difficult to come into a program mid-year, to fill such enormous shoes as those left by Ms. Massey. I’ve tried to come in wearing my own shoes, while honoring Milly’s footsteps, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. 

Thank you, first and foremost, to the students and parents for their commitment and hard work. 

Thank you to Braydon Fanti for being an invaluable support in the rehearsal room, and to Kavi Gasper '18 for creating and implementing an incredible curriculum for the stage crew who designed the show with such aplomb. 

Finally, an enormous thank you to the amazing Middle School theater team, Sophie Jackson '12 and Kevin Veléz, for their tireless efforts and energetic support. This wouldn’t have been possible without their care and talents. 

Throughout this production, we have kept student voices in the center of the work, from that opening conversation about the title to the costume design, set design, lighting and sound. I need to acknowledge, then, all of the teachers and mentors who have helped these students find their voices—their skills, their passions and their ideas—over the years.

I hope this show reminds you to seek out ways to find your happiness in the seemingly small moments of everyday life. I believe that kind of seeking can be a radical act even in the darkest of times, and often can only happen with support from the friends—human and animal—with whom we find connection.  

Enjoy, and thank you for being here!

Meg Sullivan 
Interim Theatre Director 


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