Welcoming the world to Gordon

It's a lot easier to have guests in the classroom when class is online, and Gordon has been taking full advantage of that fact this spring.

Today, the Middle School meeting welcomed Scott McCoy, the Interim Deputy Legal Director for LGBTQ Rights & Special Litigation at the Southern Poverty Law Center, in Montgomery, Alabama. 

He spoke about his work at the SPLC, his experience growing up gay in Utah, and a topic close to every Gordon student's heart: the importance of advocacy in every day life.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an annual stop on the eighth grade Civil Rights Trip, and Mr. McCoy was able to make a special connection with the eighth graders who'd been there just ten weeks ago.

Other guests over the past week included Jared Donaldson '11, who spent Friday afternoon with Gordon's tennis team, talking about his experience beating the ninth-best player in the world at the US Open and other highlights from his professional career. His best friend is still Ezra Rice '11 and he is still friendly with many of his Gordon classmates. 

Last Wednesday and Thursday, the seventh grade has master classes with Charlotte Abotsi, Director of the Providence Poetry Slam, and her fellow poet Laura Brown-Lavoie. They spoke with students about the experience of moving from the written word to the spoken word, and gave individual coaching as the students prepare to perform their own work at the annual Night of Words.

These appearance followed other special Middle School guests like Karenna Gore, Dr. Clarice Aiello, and members of the Class of 2012.

There have, of course, been dozens of other, less formal guest appearances in the Online Learning Community, ranging from the pets and siblings that walk into the Zoom frame to the specials teachers and staff members who have been sitting in on lunchtime Zooms and morning meetings. One rumor has it that Gordie the Gator will be accompanying Dr. Thomas López when she sits in on Kindergarten class on Friday morning. Stay tuned for more on that...


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