Watch this space

This year, everyone's path across the campus has changed.


The gallery spaces in the Commons and the Lower School hallway aren't getting lot of traffic.


But new spaces to share work are being discovered every day.


Fourth grade is sharing their peacemakers work in their windows, on display for everyone who uses the Gator path around the school.


Fifth grade's prints are on the path too.


Sixth graders can enjoy their classmates' triptychs in the Middle School hallway.


And now, eighth graders are seeing each other's relief sculptures as they go in and out of the theater entrance on their way to lunch.


Eighth grade currently has one of Gordon's visual arts teachers as an in-person teacher, "embedded" with the teaching team, this trimester.


The trimester teacher rotations have brought a new and exciting rhythm to arts instruction.


Not every grade has an embedded arts teacher every trimester.


But when they do, arts classes meet more than ever, allowing a new level of focus on extended projects and lessons.


For the eighth grade, that focus will reach an entirely new level in early March, when Britt Nelson Visiting Artist Dave Allyn arrives to teach some COVID-deferred in-person lessons in screenprinting on ceramics.


Sound cool? Watch this space.

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