This is where it begins

Last week, a four-year-old asked her teacher to help her write a book.


It was loosely based on her own family.


Across the school, seventh graders were beginning to write novels, as part of National Novel Writing Month.


First graders were bringing home their leaf books, with sections for circular leaves, red leaves, torn leaves and pretty leaves.


Third graders carried around their biology notebooks, with carefully rendered damselfly nymphs and snails.


Second graders assembled personal narratives with eye-grabbing titles like "How I Got My Scar" and "My Ohio Vacation".


They were all learning to be authors.


When a child has direct experience in writing a book, they read books differently.


When a child has direct experience in collecting facts and preparing them for publication, they are more thoughtful about the information they read and hear.


When a child has direct experience in telling their own story, they never forget how good that feels.


A look at the November novel-writing project, and the first grade family books, from last year

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