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Fifth and sixth grade at the forge with this year's Britt Nelson Visiting Artist

If you see a Gordon fifth or sixth grader this weekend, ask them about the blacksmithing they did this morning!

A team from the Steel Yard brought a forge, an anvil, and an arsenal of hammers to campus today. Students each took turns flattening red-hot Gs, Os, Rs, Ds, and Ns for use in the installation that Rena Rong, this year’s Britt Nelson Visiting Artist, is helping create.

And yes, there was much talk about the Mandalorian.

Ms. Rong has been collaborating with Lower School and Middle School students this winter and spring, and their work is on track to be installed on campus this May. The process has included two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, a visit to the Steel Yard, practice with a plasma cutter, and plenty of imagination. It’s been a privilege for students to have hands-on experience with collaborative public art, and to learn more about the amazing work happening at the Steel Yard.

More on Ms. Rong's work at Gordon here and here

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