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The power of words and wishes

Putting the “kind,” and the “King,” in Kindergarten 

It’s been a busy day in Kindergarten.

They began by continuing last week’s conversations about their wishes for the world.

The class has been studying Dr. King throughout January.

They know about his I have a dream speech, and about Dr. King’s wishes for the world.

Students have been choosing their words carefully and making signs with their wishes.

Friday is Beloved Community Day, a schoolwide celebration of Dr. King’s legacy.

Kindergarten is planning to march, holding their wishes, as Early Childhood gathers in the theater for their Beloved Community Celebration.

They’re considering adding a march through the dining hall, too, so that older students will know the words Kindergarten has in their hearts.

For today’s literacy lesson, green group tackled a book about Dr. King.

It had some fourth-grade-level words, but, knowing how powerful Dr. King’s words were, they pushed through.

For every unfamiliar “Luther” there was a “King,” built out of K and their old friend “ing."

Conversation topics included:

The abbreviation “Jr.” and what it means to be named after someone

The difference between “free to do anything you want” and “free to belong and be respected”

The symbolism of linked arms

The power of something small to make a big change

How it feels to be told “no”

How it sounds when there’s a lot of feeling behind someone’s words.

After recess today, students will be making new drafts of their wishes for the world.

They’re eager for Friday, and for the chance to help change the world with words of their own.

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