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The Gordon School

The living classroom

Young Kindergarten studies animals, plants, physics and biology


Each Young Kindergartener brought in an apple.

They talked about more than, less than, and colors and shades of colors.


They made observations about what was the same or different about the apples, and recorded their observations.

Later Tuesday:

Young Kindergarten learned about three common house plants.


Each student painted a pot and chose one to pot.


They will each care for their chosen plant all year and bring it home in June.



Tuesday’s apples were drawn into Young Kindergarten’s ongoing investigation of everyday items.


Today’s challenge: collecting, observing, sorting and defining round objects.


Observations were carefully recorded. 


Gravity can surprise you!


Later Thursday:

Tuesday’s apples became Thursday’s applesauce.


Technology included a fancy apple peeler.


Technology also included the more-basic tech of heat applied to food, which breaks down crispy apples into a mushy stew and releases wonderful smells that spread across Early Childhood.



Thursday’s apple peels became food for the new class pets.


Red wriggler worms had arrived.


The lesson began by recording some baseline facts.


The class will feed the worms compost collected at snacks and lunch, and the worm’s castings will nourish Young Kindergarten’s garden beds.


There’s no apple tree in Young Kindergarten’s garden bed.


Not yet. But who knows what these students can grow over the next ten years?


The newest of Gordon's gardens was designed to include fruit trees. Just saying.

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