The first-ever Gordon Halloween parade

Kitty cats.








Dumpster fires.






Pollenators and velociraptors.



Harrys and Hermiones and a Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


Dressing up for Halloween has traditionally been a Middle School privilege, but for this year-like-none-other, all ages were invited to dress up.


Tomorrow is parent-teacher conference day, so today had to be the day.


Another break with convention: the annual “no Halloween masks” rule has, of course, been suspended.


Morning dropoff was one part runway show and one part Comic-Con.


When the bell rang, math tests and dance parties began.


Gordon@Home students connected online...


...and got together for some seasonal fun.


Back on campus, there was a quick parade in the rain.


Early Childhood gaped at the big kids.

Middle Schoolers cheered on the little kids.


The adults could sense a new tradition was being born.


It was a beautiful day. 


Just like every other day.


A day of joyful learning at Gordon.


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