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The first, and probably annual...

Spanish Immersion Day celebrates Gordon's commitment to Spanish instruction

Today was Spanish Immersion Day in Middle School, a pilot of an idea that’s likely to become an annual school wide event.

The day began with a keynote from poet Sussy Santana, who talked about the role that writing played in her own experience arriving in the Bronx from the Dominican Republic as a young teen.

Then, there were workshops taught in English, y otras en español.


Students explored metaphor, imagining themselves as tortugas, boulders and cats sitting by windows with la Sra. Santana.

They heard about the alfombras de aserrín of Guatemala, the cueca dance of Chile, y los Yipaos de Colombia from Gordon’s Spanish team.

They learned about the Jones Act, the Harlem Hellfighters, and the anticolonial power of vernacular dance from Rodney López.

They learned about the migration of the monarch butterflies, which transcends borders, and how human’s ever-greater need for food production is threatening their habitat. They also learned about traditional Mexican reverence for and celebration of these mariposas.

And in each space, students participated, reading their own poems, building paper Jeeps with loads that represented their learning of cultural traditions, and reviewing their Salsa basics.

Along the way, they tested their listening, writing and speaking skills in new ways, demonstrating the gift of bilingualism in communicating and connecting with one another.

Every Gordon student studies Spanish, at every grade level. More on Gordon’s Spanish program at

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