Thank you Thursday

Thank you to Malcolm Farmer '51, who spent the yesterday morning with Gordon's eighth grade, talking about his work for the Lawyers' Constitutional Defense Committee in Jackson, Mississippi in the mid-1960's, and how that experience changed the course of his life and career. more on his career


Farmer traced the initial spark of his passion for human rights to his time at Gordon, specifically 1947, when Jackie Robinson's integration of major league baseball called young Malcolm's attention to the reality of racial segregation.


His visit fit into the eighth grade's Spanish classes, where students are discussing human rights and reading a novel set during the Spanish Civil War, as well as the humanities curriculum.


In eighth grade humanities, students are deep into their study of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Classroom discussions have already covered lynchings and convict leasing, and students will hear even more first-hand accounts of the Civil Rights Movement when they travel to Georgia and Alabama on the eighteenth annual Civil Rights Trip. more on that at

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