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Thank you, Gordon School

At the final assembly of the year, fourth graders get up and offer heartfelt appreciations for Gordon teachers who hve inspired them.


It's an exercise in gratitude for the students, who are on the verge of beginning Middle School. It's also a peek at the impact that Early Childhood and Lower School teachers can have on a young learner.


This year's appreciations contained a first: an appreciation dedicated to the community school at large.


Gordon is a school where every voice matters, so if you're reading this... this one is for you:


Dear Gordon School,

This letter was supposed to be for just one teacher, and I wondered if I was allowed to write this one. 

I realized that Gordon, as a whole, you are my teacher.

Sure, you don't teach any one class, but you teach us how to be our best selves.

You push us.

You encourage us to our hardest work, which makes most of us groan now, but we realize how great it is later on.

When I learned I was going to start going here, I was terrified.

But when I walked in, I was swept away in all of the care and kindness going into this school.

This school was built on kindness and love, and will be like that until it's demise.

Thank you, Gordon School.

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