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Talking with children about the news

School counselor offer guidance on processing tragic headlines

“It’s not possible to shield our children from everything to traumatic things in the news, but we can control how we respond and how we process with them.”
School counselor Dr. Olivia Ordoñez spoke to NBC10 today about strategies for talking with children about violence in the news. 

Channel 10’s health reporter Barbara Morse had reached out after Dr. Ordoñez and Assistant Head of School Alethea Dunham-Carson wrote to parents with guidance on talking to children about violence and race. Their full letter can be found here.

Dr. Ordoñez and Ms. Dunham-Carson’s letter is part of a continuing conversation between the school and parents and caregivers about the social and emotional health of students. Gordon acknowledges that students learn best in an environment that actively promotes their mental health.

Thank you to Barbara Morse and Channel 10 for amplifying this important message.

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