Students making history in vaccine trials

above: eleven of the Gordon students who are serving in vaccine trials this winter

As vaccines roll out nationwide, one question lingers: where are the vaccines for children?

Gordon students are part of the team that is answering that question.

Over a dozen students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade are serving in various vaccine trials happening this winter across the state.

It's science with a public purpose, tailor made for Gordon students.

Helping with the test is a significant commitment, involving blood tests, physical evaluations, and daily symptoms tracking, in addition to the initial inoculation. Making observations, keeping records, allowing for bias: these are all things students have experienced in Gordon science classes since they were very young.

Students still don't know if they got the vaccine or the placebo, but one thing is for certain - as one student said today, "Either way, we're part of history, and when we think back on this time when we're older, we'll know we played a role in helping science solve the COVID-19 crisis."

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