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Stretching imaginations

Gordon is developing a new strategic plan, and the entire community is generating ideas through meetings, conversations and quiet reflection.


The thoughts are being collected through a Google form, but Gordon recognizes that typing into a Google form is not for everyone.


As a quicker, pen-and-paper alternative, What if? cards have been placed in the Commons.


In the first thirty-six hours, it's clear that these cards are sparking ideas that might not have made it into the online form.


Maybe the cards hanging on the wall are inspiring new thoughts.


Maybe some people think differently when looking at paper than they do looking at a screen.


And maybe some ideas about Gordon simply can't be adequately expressed with a keyboard.

Gordon parents, students, faculty, grandparents, alumni, and everyone else who considers themselves part of the community are urged to submit their ideas on the What if? wall or The deadline for this round of input is Wednesday, January 23rd.

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