#Stayathome Soccer School

Preschool parent Craig Stewart is Providence College's men's soccer coach, and he has taken the time to create a series of instructional videos for Gordon students.

As Middle School after school athletics rolls out this week, the time is right to share this all-ages resource.


The first three videos are already online.


He calls it #Stayathome Soccer School and here's how he explains it:

All you will need is a ball (any type really) and a small space to move around in: a garage, a backyard, a living room (try not to break anything). 

You can work on your own or with a family member. Each video lasts about twenty minutes from start to finish.

Hopefully you can follow along as you go but videos can also be reviewed prior and replayed after as many times as you like! 

There will be five episodes in the series and we will try and release one video per week so hopefully it keeps you busy and gives you enough time to work on your skills! Each episode will cover new topic. 

I will also set some challenges at the end of the session so maybe you can post some videos to showcase your work! 

Episode 1: Fundamental Skills 
Episode 2: Turning Skills 
Episode 3: Dribbling Skills 
Episode 4: Get Away Skills 
Episode 5: Juggling Skills 

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