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The Gordon School

Spring harvest, summer planting

June in Gordon's gardens

It’s sixth grade activism week, and students mobilized to tackle a series of campus improvement projects.

Yesterday, sixth graders were pulling duckweed from the stream to improve the flow.

Today, they were swarming around the outdoor classroom, mulching, weeding and planting.

The transplants included young plants they had grown in a science class experiment, where they created their own homebrew fertilizers and compared the ways plants responded to them.

Across campus, Kindergarten students were checking in on their corn, squash and sunflowers.

They are little now, but should be spectacular in the fall. Yes, the lessons of gardening include patience and persistance.

More on the many ways Gordon students are growing their own food here. 

Parents, caregivers, faculty and staff can celebrate a harvest Friday morning as Young Kindergarten serves up a pungent snack of mint lemonade and garlic scapes in the courtyard outside their classroom, 8am to 8:45am.

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