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Smart phones, smart digital citizens

update: the Providence Journal's interview with Gordon staff has been added to the bottom of this post
update: WPRO's interview with Gordon's Technology Director has been added to the bottom of this post

Gordon doesn't allow students to use cell phones. 

And the students are OK with that.

WPRI-12's Danielle North came to Gordon last spring to learn about this cell phone "ban".

When she got here, she discovered several things:

  • Gordon's cell phone policy is part of a larger effort to teach students to be thoughtful about the role of technology in their lives.
  • Gordon begins discussing healthy technology use and digital citizenship in second and third grade.
  • Gordon students are thoughtful, well-spoken, and comfortable discussing complex and nuanced topics like the impact of technology on relationships.
  • The conversation about cell phones is more complicated - and important - than a simple ban-them-or-allow-them debate.

Along with the news segment above, which aired this morning, she included this web extra linked below, in which a panel of Gordon students spoke, frankly and passionately, about their relationship to technology and digital media.

Hear from the students themselves: WPRI-12: Gordon School wants students to be smart about cell phones and digital citizenship


On Wednesday morning, WPRO explored this topic further with Marlon Henry, Gordon's Technology Director. Hear their conversation on the videos below.

update: In November, the Providence Journal published an interview with Gordon's Technology Director and the Director of Health and Wellness. Read it here

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