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Setting the tone in fourth grade

What makes for a great first-day-of-school lesson?

What makes for a great first-day-of-school lesson?


Does it have clear, simple instructions?


Does it get students out of their seats?


Does it make them talk to each other?


Does it help them learn names?


Does it give teachers a peek at their literacy and handwriting skills?


Does it let them each show some personality?


Is it a little tricky, but fundamentally fun?


If the answers are "yes", you've got a lesson plan that will fast-forward the get-to-know-you process for everyone and lay the foundation for a busy year of learning.


For the record:

Ms. Zakin has had a broken bone
Ms. Zakin is left handed
Ms. Zakin can curl her tongue
Ms. Zakin has dyed her hair


Ms. Bennett has a little sister
Ms. Bennett has been in a parade
Ms. Bennett can whistle


Ms. Applebaum has been out of the country
Ms. Applebaum went to a national park this summer
Ms. Applebaum's favorite food is pizza
Ms. Applebaum can do a cartwheel

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