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Ser mas valiente

New Year's pledges in fifth grade

Being brave and taking risks are central goals the fifth grade Spanish team has for their students.


For them, the immersive classroom experience is all about creating a safe, supportive space to take risks.

They don't usually talk about those goals with their students. Not explicitly, at least.


It's coming across, though.

Today, students were challenged to set down New Year's resolutions in black and white: dos metas para las clase de español, y dos metas para las escuela en general.


One student pulled valiente - "brave" - from a vocabulary list they learned back in October, and put it front-and-center in the middle of her goals for the new year.


Then, bravely, she shared that goal with the rest of the class.

Other resolutions? Students aspired to be more grateful, and to be more patient and kind with siblings. That last resolution might have something to do with the fact that students have spent the last two weeks on winter break, shoulder-to-shoulder with their families.

The lesson also included a look at traditions in different Hispanic countries: eating twelve grapes at midnight, burning old clothing on scarecrows, packing a suitcase and walking around the block to assure a year full of travel, wearing white while jumping in the waves, wearing yellow underwear in Chile (it's sold in the street on New Year's Eve in Chile), and much more.

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