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The Gordon School

Science for a rainy day

Young Kindergarten begins their study of weather

It has been a busy time for Rhode Island weather.


Gordon has remained cheerful...


...and stayed flexible...


...while also working to keep safe and dry.


Today, the rain began at 9am, as Young Kindergarten was arriving in the science lab to begin their study of the weather.


Every student had real-life stories to tell about the weather: the September rains, the Alexa robots who give them the daily forecast, the boots and jackets they've kept nearby.


But how do you know what the weather is doing?


Who has seen the wind?


Who has seen what the wind can do?


Can the wind spin a wheel?


Can the wind lift a cow? A house?


Young Kindergarten students are going to be weather detectives this fall.


Today, they learned about the weather station on Gordon's roof. 


They saw how the measurements from the roof are displayed.


They explored a few kinds of anemometers and wind vanes.


They saw how to take a more low-tech measurement from those.


On their way back to their classroom, they made some more weather observations.


Then, their teacher installed an anemometer and wind vane they can observe from their own classroom.


Next week's lesson? Building and testing an anemometer of their own.


Until then, they will be watching the weather online.


They will be watching the weather out their window.


And, hopefully soon, they will be watching it out on the playground.


Update: Young Kindergarten did make it outside later this afternoon.

The weather station data can be accessed at


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