Reopening Gordon's campus

With nine weeks to go before the first day of classes, Gordon has been able to deliver a detailed plan for September that brings students and faculty back together, on campus, for an experience that includes all the essential elements of a Gordon education.

This plan has come together against a backdrop of national uncertainty, as state and federal authorities continually revise their guidelines for safe and healthy conduct.

To get this far by July 1st, Gordon has built on a number of long-standing traditions and core values that set this school apart:

Healthy origins 
Gordon was founded by a pediatrician as the “Open Air School,” with a focus on health and wellness that has never wavered.
Natural resources 
Gordon's beautiful twelve-acre campus allows tremendous flexibility when thinking about classroom spaces and room for children to learn and play in safe ways. 
Facilities that serve students 
Gordon has the space it needs to welcome every student back, on the first day of school, and there's no need to move children off campus in order to keep them in small, safe groups.

Trust and transparency 
Families have fueled this work with their questions, their observations and their expertise, and the result demonstrates the school's earnest commitment to deep listening and transparent communication. This relationship will be central to a successful fall, when the community's health and wellbeing will depend on every family's care and cooperation.

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