Race, history and the importance of honest dialogue

For October's parent dialogue on Ibram Kendhi's book Stamped from the Beginning, seventh and eighth grade voices were represented by these prerecorded reflections.

Their observations on race and history, leadership and trust, assimilationists and antiracists, greed and honesty, provide a powerful sample of how race is discussed in Gordon classrooms.

Their words also show how Gordon students are learning to be thoughtful, critical learners who are ready to integrate multiple perspectives as they learn about history and how it is taught.

And, they repeat, a dozen different ways, that they know that honest dialogue is an essential step in positive change.

The parent dialogue series continues Wednesday, November 18th, with If Elephants Could Talk: Racial Literacy for Healing School Conflicts with Dr. Howard C. Stevenson. It is free and open to the public; details and Zoom link at www.gordonschool.org/stevenson

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