Professional advice

Author and screenwriter Supriya Kelkar spent the day with Middle School students today, talking about her novel Ahimsa, her upcoming picture book, and her work as a Bollywood screenwriter.


Fresh off the experience of writing novels of their own, seventh graders had especially specific questions. They connected with her over a range of topics, from the power of basing a main character on yourself, to the challenge of finding the perfect names for everyone in your book.


She didn't have any juicy stories of conflict with editors (they asked), but she did highlight the importance of persistence throughout her career. It's a story worth telling to these young authors, who are beginning to understand how many multiple drafts and edits are required to produce a finished book.


Today's visit was the third time a professional author spent the day at Gordon this year. Oge Mora visited in November, as did Kwame Alexander, the twelfth annual Karla Harry Visiting Author.

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