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The Gordon School

Poetry in motion

Reading, writing, reciting, shouting, singing, hiding, trading, giving and taking

above: Preschool getting ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day on Tuesday

This is the final week of National Poetry Month, and Thursday was Poem in Your Pocket Day. 


above: Students took to the Gator Path and ambushed each other with pop-up poetry recitals

Second grade was poetry month headquarters (as usual), but the whole school was drawn into the fun. As usual.


above: Fourth grade House Colt planted poetry-filled flowers for their first grade buddies to discover.

Classes found dozens of ways to celebrate.


above: Students covered pants with poems of their own, and some selected favorites

Much of the fun - and much of learning - was in the preparation.


above: On Thursday morning, the pants hung in front of the school, with their pockets stuffed with poems.

Hundreds of poems were handed out at drop-off, on small, bright slips of paper.


above: As students filled their own pockets with poems, some started using customized poetry satchels

Students collected, read, and traded verses, and the morning became a literary trick-or-treat


above: third grade "poet-trees" blurred the boundary between written and visual art (and between poetic wordplay and terrible pun)

The celebration lasted throughout the day... 


above: a few of the dozens of poems used for the day

...and students will be finding the fallout - tucked into pockets, notebooks, cubbies and coats - for weeks and months to come.

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