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The Gordon School

Peter and the Starcatcher

Tonight, the Middle School presents the premiere of Peter and the Starcatcher.


The show, a prequel for the Peter Pan story, debuts five years to the day after iPan, another Gordon Middle School riff on J.M. Barrie's classic story.


The performances are witty and fast-paced.


Sword battles have been replaced by rap battles.


The Gordon Gator gets an extended cameo.


There's at least one moment that is straight out of the No Fear Friday Middle School open mic.


Beneath the humor, there is the classic Peter Pan melancholic take on emerging adolescence.


The five-year-olds in the audience won't pick up on it.


But the parents of the eighth graders will.


Peter and the Starcatcher will be performed Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6:30pm. Performances are free and open to the public.

Many more photos from the dress rehearsals are on Gordon's Flickr site.


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