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The Gordon School

Our adults are courageous, too

Dear Gordon students,


You would have been proud of your parents last night.


They came together to learn about how Gordon students discuss race in the classroom, from Kindergarten to eighth grade.


Your teachers made them work.


They drew self-portraits, just like you did when you were in Kindergarten.


They considered picture books as mirrors and windows, like you did in second grade.


They heard poems.


They got up and read poems.


Then, they tried writing their own.


You and your classmates have had eleven years at Gordon to create a trusting, intellectually rigorous community of learners.


Your parents had one evening.


Still, they showed they can be courageous learners. 


Well into hour two, as Mr. Anderson began speaking on social construction of race, the history of immigration, and his own Philadelphia youth, they stayed quiet and engaged.


Your parents left with a new appreciation for the work you do at Gordon every day.


You would have been proud.


On Wednesday night, eighty five parents and faculty came out for the second in a series of parent dialogues. The work focused on the ways Gordon teachers handle conversations on race as they come up in the classroom, with sample lessons from Kindergarten, second grade, seventh grade and eighth grade. The first conversation covered gender identity development, in October. The next will be Tuesday, January 28th at 6:00pm, on the ways that Gordon discusses technology use and mental health beginning in third grade.

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