New habits, new possibilities

Notes from this morning's campus walkthrough:


The signs worked.


People still can recognize each other, even in masks.


It is possible to see someone smile even when their mouth is covered.


People have a pretty good feel for how far six feet is.


It felt new to navigate the campus using only the outdoors.


It also felt kind of obvious.


(Why haven't we always done it like this?)


The students were pretty good about staying outside the classrooms. For now.


But they are really ready to come back.


This morning was the first of three campus walkthroughs, where families learn to navigate the new campus layout.

In order to limit the number of people —and spaces—children encounter each day, students will enter classrooms from the outside, using a one-way path around the building.

Each class also has dedicated bathrooms and outdoor classroom space.



There are also new dropoff and pickup patterns for families to learn.


These animations will come to life Thursday, as the new school year begins. More on dropoff and dismissal here

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