Moments of courage and compassion

Courage and compassion in Nursery at 8:30am


A student holding a new friend's hand.


Another singing a favorite song for the class.


And a third one calling mom on the pretend phone to tell her how much fun school is



Courage and compassion in assembly at 2:30pm


The eighth grade co-presidents giving their first speeches to the school.


Teachers telling tales of challenges from their own elementary school days.


A fourth grade student leading the school song, and her classmates all joining in.



More bravery:


The assembly also included the introduction of Sara Barielles's song Brave, chosen as a theme song for this year.


You're at a special school when the youngest students understand what these lyrics mean.


You're at a special school when the oldest students leap up and sing along in full voice.





Yes, the eighth graders do have matching personalized team t-shirts.

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