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Messages of love

Young writers partner with the post office to spread joy

Preschool finished up a big project today, with the help of Courtney, Gordon's mail carrier.


They've been learning about mail, and collaborated with their teachers to create some mail of their own.


Classroom conversations covered the thrill of writing a kind message, the joy of receiving a handwritten letter, and the logistics of delivering mail safely and quickly around the world.


Then, each student thought of loved one who might enjoy a surprise in their mailbox.


Recipients ranged from grandparents and uncles to classroom buddies at Gordon and classmates' siblings.


Addresses spanned from Maine to California.


The envelopes each included a handmade drawing and a note, written with a teacher's help.


Envelopes were carefully addressed and decorated.


Students were shivering with delight when Courtney arrived in her mail truck.


Courtney patiently collected each package.


And she surprised each student with a mailbox surprise of her own: a post office coloring book!


The next step? Now that they've written to loved ones, the next challenge is writing to strangers. One of the Preschool teachers knows the staff at a preschool in Bahamas, and she is setting up a pen pal exchange. Preschoolers are already thinking about they questions they'll ask—and how to describe Gordon to someone who has never been here.

Thanks as always to Courtney the mail carrier and everyone else in the community surrounding Gordon, for helping connect student learning to the real world every day.

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