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Meet your makers

Introducing the new seventh and eighth grade makers electives

Seventh and eighth graders learned about their options for the new semester of makers electives today. 

The seventh and eighth grade electives program keeps a flexible structure semester after semester.

That way, the offerings can reflect the interests of students, like last fall’s musical theater elective, offered by public demand.

The open structure also allows Gordon to flex around the availability of visiting artists drawn from the community beyond Gordon.


This spring, the team includes (clockwise from upper left):

Bill Beaudoin Percussion and Band
Kevin Veléz G-Notes A Cappella and Musical Theater
Ricky Katowicz What is a Puppet?
Charlie Best Intro to Textile Art and Design
Keri King Tap Dance and Art and Social Justice
Siobhan Marie Doherty Shakespeare and Movement

The community will start seeing the fruit of this learning later this year, in the March art show, the June concert, the displays in the Commons and, if all goes as planned, pop-up puppet shows performed for Early Childhood.


Two moments from the fall semester’s electives:

...animation experiments and...

...the Musical Theater elective performing Make Them Hear You from Ragtime.




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