Math and science and a new pumpkin friend

In Early Childhood, pumpkins are great material for math and science lessons, with lots of opportunities to predict, measure and count.


This pre-Halloween report from Preschool has it all, plus some bonus social skills practice with their new orange friend:

Yesterday, we made predictions of how much our pumpkin weighed and how many seeds it had.

We got out our scale to see if our predictions were correct. 

Then we decided to give our pumpkin a face. 

My preschool friends decided to make the pumpkin a new friend in the class so they gave it  a name:  

Fred weigh 11 pounds and since we couldn't count ALL the seeds, we decided it must be 100 SEEDS! Because 100 is a BIG NUMBER!

They talked to Fred all day yesterday regarding their day. 

This morning some greeted him with a "Good Morning" and they introduced Fred to a classmate who was absent the day before.

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