Loving the skin they're in

above: conversation among Kindergarteners in Common Ground, spring 2019

Shanon L. Connor and Julie Parsons of Gordon's Early Childhood faculty are featured on the Independent School magazine blog this week, writing about their work in Common Ground, the group for Gordon's students of color.

Common Ground was created in 2006 in direct response to a need identified in a schoolwide assessment. In their piece, Connor and Parsons talk about the impact the program has had, as well as the ongoing need for affinity spaces like Common Ground "where children can be their authentic selves without risking judgment."

In 2020, Gordon now has a number of affinity groups and interest groups for students, including Common Ground, Latinos Unidos for Latinx students, two programs for students who speak Spanish at home, and a Gender and Sexuality Alliance for LGBTQ students and allies. This fall, the Middle School will launch a new group for white students to discuss topics of race, privilege and systemic inequality.

Loving the skin they're in by Shanon L. Connor and Julie Parsons

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