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Looking back, giving back

The last days of eighth grade are full of ceremony and celebration.


Today, these students presented a very public honor, dedicating the yearbook to their humanities teacher.


Yesterday, they gave out more low-key gifts, challenging themselves to make a meaningful contribution to students in the younger grades.


For one eighth grade advisory, that meant pulling out some fourth graders and giving them a master class in something - basketball, improv, cartooning, theater tech - that they are passionate about.


Another advisory chose to organize, coach and referee a soccer-and-popsicle round robin tournament for the second and third grades.


At lunch yesterday, Sara Remmler '14 gave them a preview of what was ahead, from the vantage point of a successful freshman year at Mount Holyoke College.


And in a quiet moment this morning, a small group joined their fourth grade teacher for a sweet look back.


She'd hung onto the time capsule they'd created on the last day of school of 2015.


Students all remembered the sports pages, favorite pencils and photos of beloved pets they'd included.


But they'd forgotten, for the most part, the questionnaires they'd filled out, fact sheets that now were full of foreshadowing and little ironies.


Favorite color: green


In Middle School I hope to learn more about: penguins


Something I learned about myself this year is that: I liked acting more than I thought I did.


Something important I learned this year was: friends are important.


I will never forget this year because: I had Ms. Zakin 




This week, the eighth grade wrote over seventy-five thank you notes to faculty and staff. They are currently displayed for all to see on the front window of the theater.

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