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The Gordon School

Looking ahead to winter

What we know about the weeks and months ahead

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Dear Families, Faculty and Staff,

As we enter a new season together, I want to share with you what I can about the weeks and months ahead. 

I've gone into some detail in the video above, but here are the headlines:

One, we do not have plans to preemptively close Gordon as we head into the winter months. 

Two, Gordon students will continue to go outside all year round, as they did before the pandemic, but the winter months may bring frigid temperatures that will have us relying on the indoors more regularly. And I have good news about that.

And three, our ability to keep our campus open will depend on your continued commitment to following basic health and safety guidelines.

Please watch this video message, and share it with the Gordon students in your house however you see fit.

Please reach out if you have questions. I am grateful, as always, for your partnership.

Take care,


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