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The Gordon School

Live theater is back

Audiences return to Gordon for Mill Girls, Holes

In-person, indoor live theater returns to Gordon Thursday night with the sixth grade performance of Eliza Anderson's Mill Girls.


On Friday, seventh and eighth grades will present Holes, adapted from the novel by Louis Sacher.


The audiences will be strictly limited to pre-registered guests of each performer. Thank you to all the families and Gordon theater fans for respecting these restrictions.


Dozens of photos from the dress rehearsals are online on Gordon's Flickr page.


Here's how the latest six grade newspaper described the productions:

The sixth grade production of Mill Girls is happening this Thursday. It’s set in the 1800s, back when unmarried young women worked in textile mills to earn money for their families. Mill work was hard, and many girls got injured or even perished doing it. In this play, we explore what hardships these girls might have gone through. Fun fact, the playwright, Eliza Anderson is a close friend of Ms. Martindale, the school librarian, and one of the characters, Octavia, is named after her daughter. 

Also, the seventh and eighth grade play, H
oles, is being performed on Friday night. It’s about when a boy named Stanley Yelnats gets wrongly accused of stealing a pair of shoes and is sent to Camp Greenlake, a camp in the desert where to “build character” the boys have to dig holes. After Stanley’s friend runs away, he goes to find him, and in the process, breaks his family’s curse.



The fifth grade production will be performed in December!


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