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The Gordon School

Life and death in the outdoor classroom

Dead bees and duck families as spring moves in

It's spring, and nature is busy.


Some lessons can be planned out.


Others need to be caught whenever they might spring up.


A bee was caught by a late frost.


Second grade naturalists found it this morning. 

They gave it a posthumous promotion to queen, and let themselves be hypnotized by the small, tiny body.


Across the school, duck eggs were discovered.


The nearby classrooms sprang into action. 

The Young Kindergarten teacher texted from the scene:

Instant writing and wildlife lessons.

Mr. Melo discovered a nest of duck eggs in the courtyard by the Young Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms.

Teaching plans changed and Young Kindergarten talked about and defined incubation.

We made some signs to remind humans to be quiet and careful.

We also recognize that ducks have some natural predators like raccoons, skunks and crows that we will not be able to protect the eggs from.


It's a biology lesson, but also a literacy lesson for young writers, and a reminder to seize the little miracles of the natural world wherever they pop up.


The ducks laid eggs near there last year and got a similar response. See that post.

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