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The Gordon School

Letting the pond heal

Students, administrators defend natural resource with a tough decision

After six months of intense daily use, Gordon's pond and the stream will be closed to play this May and June. Selected grades will continue to use the space for their science lessons.

This step is based on the recommendations generated by independent studies conducted by second grade, third grade, and the Buildings and Grounds crew in collaboration with the school's Leadership Team.

While this step is unprecedented, it should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the second grade's research into the erosion and loss of plant life that the pond area has sustained this year. 

As they've studied the issue, many of the students who use the pond and stream at recess have connected with Mr. Almeida of the Buildings and Grounds crew for frank conversation about what it will take to steward this natural resource.

As one third grader explained, as she prepared her classes' report to the school administration, "Mr. Almeida can add dirt and rocks to help the pond and stream, but we also have to stay off it to let it heal. It's kind of like a scab. If you keep scratching at it and don't let it be, it will never heal and there will be a scar."

update: the third grade presents their proposals to the Board

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